Jim is a 64 year old diabetic. He is overweight and was an ex heavy smoker.

He admitted to not caring for his diabetes in the early years with his blood sugars, when he actually tested them, in the high teens range. His diabetes was now, however, well controlled with the help of his new GP.

He had noticed over the years his erections gradually fading. He was divorced so his sex life was sporadic. His GP had tried him with Viagra and Caverject injections without success. He spent a lot of money on Herbal Supplements also without success.

He came to see us when he was in a permanent relationship again and wanted to be able to have penetrative sex.

We tested him with a dose of injectable medication based on his history. He only achieved about a 30% response, which he surprisingly was thrilled with, as he hadn’t seen that response for years. We retested him with an additional dose and achieved an 80% response.

He did require a high dose to achieve a good erection but was happy with the outcome. We spent some time teaching him how to use his medication safely and how to minimise some of the risks attached to high dose injectables.


Jim’s erectile problems are due to blood vessel damage caused by his poorly controlled diabetes in the early years and his heavy cigarette smoking.

This caused the gradual decline in the strength of his erections.

We discussed the long-term management of his condition and explained that although we can help him achieve good erections, he must try and lose more weight for his general health and obviously preservation of his erectile function.