ED Treatment Melbourne | Impotence Treatment

The most important information for anyone with erection problems to know is that, regardless of the cause, effective ED treatments are available. Just because treatments you have tried in the past haven’t worked does not mean you can’t still be helped.

Many of our Melbourne patients have tried expensive and often ineffective impotence treatments before they see us. At MES our clinic is devoted to the issue of erection difficulties. We make sure that any treatment we advise is based on your personal history and tailored to you so that it works.

We know almost all erectile dysfunction is treatable: Our personal percentage of ED treatment success is 97 per cent. We can take care of anyone in need of impotence treatment at our Melbourne clinics.

Below is a brief outline of recognised and ethical ED treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Psychological counselling

Most men, at some time in their lives find it difficult during a sexual encounter to get or maintain an erection. The causes are many and varied, but are usually transient and not serious. However, if this brief failure is dwelt on it can become a chronic issue, which has been loosely described as performance anxiety. Other anxiety states and depression will also effect erections. Counselling, with or without medication, can be very successful and cure your erection problems permanently.

The tablets

Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are famous little tablets that have transformed many men’s lives. They work safely for a large proportion of men, but not with certain medications and conditions.

They need to be prescribed by a doctor. We can arrange this if you prefer, depending on your relationship with your GP, or if you don’t have a regular doctor. The tablets are not a supplement but are an ongoing treatment and cannot cure erectile problems.

The tablets work by inhibiting an enzyme that keeps the penis soft when not in a sexual situation. They will not cause an erection when you take one, but will make it easier to achieve an erection if sexually stimulated.

Some side effects include headache, facial flushing (red face), digestive upsets and muscle pain.

Injection therapy

This impotence treatment predates the tablets by some years. It is very effective but terrifies most men.

Remarkably, when performed correctly, it is completely painless. It will cause an erection, depending on dose, within about 5 minutes. The erection will be hard and can be tailored to a patients requirements regarding duration. Importantly, it feels like a normal erection.

We always test dose our patients in the clinic. This allows us to tailor the mix for you and avoid overdose or under dose. Education on self-injection is a critical part of the process and we spend as much time as you need, at our Melbourne and Townsville clinics, to enable you to get the maximum benefit from this ED treatment.

Other Treatments

These have been around for many, many years. They work by creating a vacuum around the penis. The blood is naturally drawn into the vacuum and an erection of sorts occurs. The downside is that a penile ring is used so the erection is only on the part of the penis north of the ring. This leaves the important part of the penis, the internal part, soft or flaccid. This affects orgasm and the ring can be quite uncomfortable. It has become much less popular, as the other ED treatments have taken over. We do have one to show patients, so if you are keen on trying one they can be bought in most of the larger adult shops or online.

Testosterone surprisingly doesn’t have a direct impact on erections. It cannot cure erectile dysfunction . It is however very important in male characteristics and libido (interest in sex). You need a blood test to see if yours is low and your GP can or we can, check this. If you take Testosterone when you don’t need it, it can raise your chance of Prostate Cancer and other conditions and you will eventually stop making it naturally. There is some evidence that it helps with a condition called venous leakage, where the blood goes into the penis OK, but leaks out, like a slow puncture on a tyre. Again it won’t help if your Testosterone count is within the normal range.

This was an exciting possible treatment for men suffering blood vessel disease where a poor blood supply caused poor erections. It was thought to work by stimulating new blood vessels to grow in the penis with obvious benefits to erectile response. It is very new but at time of writing does not appear to as successful as hoped and again is quite expensive.

If the cavernosal chambers are so damaged that they don’t respond to medical treatments then surgery is the last option. We have had five patients in the 14 years of our clinic that have had this procedure. Most men do not need it. It is irreversible and carries some risks. It is not usually funded under Medicare.

With the internet, many treatment ‘cures’ are offered but have little or no evidence of success. Some herbal remedies and supplements have been laced with Viagra, Levitra or Cialis but promoted as ‘Herbal’ or ‘Natural’. It’s why they work! This is not only unethical but is dangerous as drug interactions are unknown and the men using them are not aware of the drugs they may be taking or the dose of that drug. The treatment costs are usually high and success low.

Alternative medicine does have an important part to play in our health and is being investigated much more by medical researchers around the world. There are a long list of remedies which are meant to help cure erectile dysfunction but the research hasn’t been done or doesn’t validate the claims. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no proven supplements in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. We will be the first to promote them if or when they are discovered and proven to be effective.