At times in Australia, the supply of Caverject / Caverject Impulse (Pfizer) has been irregular.  Consequently, shortages have been reported.  If you ever have difficulty in obtaining Caverject/Caverject Impulse, Mens Essential Solutions clinic can always provide an alternative product with identical pharmaceutical properties and similar self-injecting dosing options.

As a specialist E.D. clinic, we also have a stronger version if required and can add complementary products that can be tailored to your specific need and condition.  These come at no extra cost.

Just call Robert Candlish on 0407 645 560 for an initial confidential discussion.

Please note that for medical reasons, a new face-to-face consult and script may be required before medication can be supplied.  Men’s Essential Solutions clinic can arrange this on the same day as any consult.

Yes, we can. We will take your full history and work with you for the best treatment. Almost all erectile dysfunction is treatable. Our personal percentage success is 97 per cent.

Morning erections are a bit of a misnomer. A healthy man usually has about 5-10 erections through the night. When we wake up and want to urinate we often have one then and associate it with a full bladder. It is just a coincidence really and is not associated with a full bladder.

The erections are important as they flush out the penis which has a poor blood supply when soft. It is part of the general health of the penis.

IMPORTANTLY loss of morning erections can be an early sign of blood vessel disease so you should see your GP and discuss it with him or her. They will usually send you off for Cardiac Screening as this symptom can indicate heart issues (Coronary Artery Disease). Again we can organise this if you prefer for any reason. Don’t ignore it!

Yes, l am happy to talk with you or if you prefer you can email me. Either works for me. If you prefer to call, leave a message and l will call you back. Often this may be out of hours if the day has been busy.

If you prefer to call, leave a message and I will call you back.

Continence should return within a few weeks. The importance of your pelvic floor exercises cannot be over emphasised. Some men unfortunately may need further procedures if they remain incontinent post op. for a long period. However chronic incontinence is rare.

Erectile dysfunction will always occur.

Sometimes it is brief and sometimes it can take up to 2 years. it depends on your age, general health and the strength of you pre operation erections. it also depends on the skill of your surgeon (remember, robotic surgery is new). Whatever happens, aggressive penile rehabilitation will increase your chances of recovery and even in some cases a cure if your nerve damage is minimal.

Yes. We are seeing more and more men with weight issues who are losing erections. We can still help you and sexual activity can be good exercise but if you ignore your weight problem the erectile issues will get worse and treatments may not be successful in years to come.

Your risks for diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure etc. are increased dramatically if you are very overweight. They are also reduced almost immediately when you achieve a good weight so it’s worth doing!

NO! Basically if you are still interested in sex you can be treated…Go for it!

Yes of course. What you describe is very common and reasonably easy to treat often without any intervention with medication.

Yes, if you are fit enough for the physical exercise of sexual activity. Your GP or Cardiologist can tell you this or we can, after getting your history from you. Can you walk 100meters without puffing or chest pain?

You cannot take the Cialis, Viagra or Levitra tablets if you are on Glyceryl Tri Nitrate medication (GTN or nitro-glycerine) whether its spray or tablets. They can lower your blood pressure to the point of death!

Do not be tempted by “cures” advertised on the internet. Many contain supplements and drugs that can cause further heart damage and even death.

All other medical treatments are safe for you if you are fit enough to mow the lawn or walk to the bus stop!

Yes, diabetes is a common cause of erectile dysfunction (Ed). We have a great success rate of treating diabetic ED.

In most cases, clients only require the one visit.

Yes we do. Clients contact us from every state in Australia.