It is among the most revolutionary products to hit the erectile supplement community. The introduction of Viagra allowed millions of men, unable to achieve an erection, the possibility, and the confidence, to rediscover their sex lives. In later years, different drugs, such as Levitra and Cialis, joined in the fray. Now, these are as ubiquitous a treatment as you will find in this area of medical research.

Viagra battles erectile dysfunction in much the same manner that its spinoffs do: it acts to inhibit an enzyme that influences the amount of blood flowing to the penis. This is the reason that Viagra does not create an erection unless the man is aroused: blood is simply allowed to enter the penis upon ‘command’, it doesn’t serve to simply flip a switch.

Viagra has been successfully applied as an erectile supplement to nearly all manner of the root cause of erectile dysfunction, from those issues relating to diabetes, to performance anxiety, to those difficulties emanating from the use of antidepressants.

Originally patented by Pfizer, this patent eventually ran out in 2013. The result was a veritable explosion in the production of generic brand of the drug, which quickly flooded the market. In India, where the patent was never legitimised, there were already five separate brands of the drug by this time. In order to remain a competitive supplier, Pfizer dropped its prices, down to their current level.

As a tool in the battle against erectile dysfunction, this drug remains one of our most potent weapons. We owe the little blue pill a great deal for its ground-breaking introduction, and for the attention it brought to this issue. Our patients from Townsville to Melbourne, and everywhere in between, have successfully employed this supplement to battle ED, and you can too!