It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but we are half the men that our grandfathers were. Testosterone levels, for the average man, have dropped considerably over the course of the 20th century, according to recent studies. This has had considerable impact upon our sex drives, is often related to erectile dysfunction, and has its own specialised ED cures, for sufferers from Melbourne to Queensland.

The causes of this decrease in T-levels are likely mixed. A lack of sunlight and manual labour, along with a carbohydrate-heavy diet and background chemicals, have likely all combined to cut our comparative testosterone levels in half, when compared with only a century ago. The health effects are also mixed, but can often be correlated with irritability, depression, lack of libido, and weight gain in men.

In short, low testosterone can often be the root cause of erectile dysfunction. The lack of interest in sex, along with the inherent lack of motivation, depression and irritability, can combine to create a scenario where a man will be unable to achieve an erection, whether due to a lack of drive, or due to blood flow problems from his weight gain. In this case, the cure is often a lifestyle change. Certain supplements, along with a healthier lifestyle of exercise and proper diet, can do wonders to spike your testosterone levels, and improve your sexual performance – along with overall health.

Low testosterone is a health risk: men have not evolved to possess such low counts. And while some may applaud the decline in aggressive behaviour, especially among younger men, older ones are suffering from this effect. Erectile difficulties are a manifestation of that reality, and this requires an honest appraisal. It is well worth your while to get your testosterone levels checked throughout the year, to see whether a testosterone-based ED cure is appropriate, as it has been for thousands in both Melbourne and Queensland.