Sadly it’s our fault!
Just look at the way breast cancer awareness, pink ribbon day and the treatment of breast cancer itself has evolved in the last 15 years.

Compare that to Prostate cancer. Sure the diagnosis is better but the outcomes haven’t changed much at all. Sure you can have your surgery with a robot driven by your surgeon like a PlayStation but it doesn’t change any outcomes.

Most guys will still have continence issues post op, whether it’s temporary or permanent leaking seems to be surgeon related and maybe luck!
Erectile dysfunction is almost a given.
Some surgeons l know are certainly better at “nerve-sparing” but the bottom line is that all Prostate surgery will cause significant nerve destruction however good the surgeon.
Whatever guys are told erectile dysfunction after surgery can be treated!
So all this misery is being suffered by thousands of men every year.
In silence!

So when you see a group advertising any aspect of men’s health, chase it down, throw in a couple of gold coins but most importantly talk to your friends, your wife, your doctor, basically, anyone who’ll listen.
We have got to lose this macho, self-destructive way of being.
Hey, we might even live to the same age as women do!