Discussions on methods of preserving happiness in a relationship must clearly involve a number of key factors, but a healthy sex life is one of them. The act of intimacy, of having fun and keeping it light in the bedroom, is the defining element that keeps your relationship with your significant other separate from that of mere friendships and acquaintances.

Theories abound on the frequency that you should hit the sheets with your partner, but a recent study suggests that happiness tends to plateau at the once-weekly mark. However, the quality of the experience is what has been proven to matter, considerably more so than the frequency.

Having confidence, and a complete lack of hang-ups in the bedroom, can make it a more enjoyable spot for everyone involved. And enjoyment is tied to the degree of relaxation you can bring, as well as that of your partner. This complete lack of self-consciousness does not necessarily come easily to everyone, and erectile difficulties can exacerbate such things quite considerably, until you could potentially be somewhat tense between the sheets.

If you feel you may have hang-ups in the bedroom tied to erectile difficulties, ED remedies can help you to regain the confidence needed to get the very most out of your sexual life. There is no sense in holding back – such difficulties affect a huge number of men around Australia and the world. But luckily, nearly all of them can be solved with a visit to our clinics in Melbourne and Brisbane.