Your pelvic floor is one of the more misunderstood elements of reproductive health. This muscle, sitting in front of your coccyx, plays a vital role in sexual health and erectile function. Despite this, most people likely only engage their pelvic floor when they are urinating, as it is the muscle utilised to cut off the flow of urine.

A strong pelvic floor muscle is able to improve the longevity and stiffness of a man’s erection. The act of tightening, or hardening, your pelvic floor, presses against the main dorsal vein of the penis, trapping the blood in the penis. Without an adequately strong pelvic floor muscle, the blood can escape the penis, leading to a flaccid member.

Many men suffering from below-average erections can use some exercises to improve the strength of their pelvic floor muscle. Basic kegel exercises, whereby you tense and release this muscle repeatedly, helps to strengthen it. Massage exercises can also aid in the activation of this muscle. Over time, either one will improve the function of your pelvic floor muscle, and improves your overall sexual health.

The functionality of this treatment has been backed up by research time and again. As a first line of offense in our battle against erectile dysfunction, your pelvic floor should get ready for a workout. Ensuring an understanding of the root causes of Erectile Dysfunction is vital to tackling it properly, and we take our research in to these causes very seriously.

We can put together an exercise regime for you to improve the strength of this muscle, and ensure you are performing the exercises correctly. For more information on treating erectile dysfunction in Melbourne and Victoria, contact Men’s Erectile Solutions today.