The rise of the information age has had a disrupting influence on nearly every facet of our lives in the 21st century. Our purchasing habits, methods of communication, banking, schooling… nearly every aspect of our modern lives has been touched by the long arm of the web. In this respect, it’s not massively surprising that our sexual lives have also been impacted, and ED remedies and medicine has had to adapt, in Queensland and throughout the world.

Many Australians are surprised to discover that erectile dysfunction problems are not limited to the older generation. A growing cohort of relative youths, as young as their twenties, are finding it difficult to achieve a healthy, functional erection. This problem has been directly attributed to the rise of online pornography.

The numerous sites that cater to viewers serve as a simulator of sorts for a sexual experience. Problems arise when a man’s stimuli begins to be influenced by these high-definition images. Over time, with pornography the only game in town for these men, they grow accustomed to achieving release only through the images on a screen. They can then struggle to become stimulated by a flesh-and-blood partner.

While research continues, this problem is purely cognitive: simple abstinence is what is called for to solve the problem. With more and more knowledge of the dangers posed by online pornography to the well-being of men everywhere, young people will soon learn to avoid these pitfalls and safeguard their sexual health. ED remedies and medicine in Queensland must continue to evolve with this new reality, with a look to the future.