Richard is a 62 yr old accountant. He noticed he got breathless more easily over the year before his heart attack and had some pain in his chest. He ignored it but one day experienced a severe pain that didn’t resolve with rest and his wife Lynn called the ambulance. In the Emergency Department, He was diagnosed with a Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) and treated. He was discharged home after 4 days in coronary care.

He saw his GP some weeks later and after some discussion, admitted to severe erectile dysfunction.

He was otherwise recovered and had started some positive changes in his life style. He noted that his erections had been declining for a couple of years prior to his heart attack but was too embarrassed to seek help.

His Doctor trialed him on Viagra but he experienced severe headache and facial flushing. Cialis and Levitra also had no real benefit and side effects. His Doctor referred Peter to us.

We managed to achieve good results for Peter and Lynn with injectable treatment.


The term Heart Attack is usually used to describe a condition where an area of the heart muscle itself has been deprived of blood supply and a small area has died. This is usually the result of plaque build-up in the coronary vessels and the formation of a clot within the vessel blocking blood flow.

The same process also can affect the penile circulation. We see many men who have had a heart attack and suffer erectile problems.

If you are well enough to do moderate exercise then there is no reason that you cannot resume normal sexual activity. You will need help to achieve a good erection.

If you take nitrate medication for Angina then you cannot take Cialis, Viagra or Levitra.

We will test the remaining function in your penis and tailor a treatment to enable you to achieve full erections again.

Even if you cannot get any erectile response with stimulation we can usually help.