The methods of providing ED treatments and cures in Queensland continue to evolve alongside modern medicine. Ailments that were formerly viewed as being beyond the reach of modern medicine have now progressed to the point that we are potentially able to solve them with modern advancements. It is an exciting time.

One of the more notable devices that have aided this pursuit, one that has found uses all over the medical world, is the ultrasound. These devices, which utilise extremely high frequency sound waves, were initially utilised as echo sounders during the second World War. However, they have subsequently been discovered to possess healing qualities, something they achieve in a number of ways.

First, the waves themselves create heat in the tissue they are directed towards, generating thermal healing in the tissues. Secondly, the waves themselves create cavitation, microstreaming and acoustic streaming in tissue, all of which result in healing benefits in most patients.

One of the ways in which these impacts of an ultrasound can influence the healing process is through the growth of new blood vessels in affected tissue. This clearly has repercussions for those recovering from injury; it also was thought that it could potentially be useful for those suffering from erectile difficulties.

Research is continuing on such ED treatments. They are not inexpensive, and while some have shown some promising results, the short time frame means that few patients have been able to have their long-term reaction to ultrasound treatment studied in an academic setting. As such, it is not vested with a huge amount of confidence among many practitioners. In later years, however, it could potentially have a spot among the myriad ED treatments and cures available to Queensland. When it does, you can bet that Men’s Erectile Solutions will be ready to provide it!