Amid the haste to cure the scourge of erectile dysfunction, there have arisen some popular myths. Most have little to no supporting evidence for their ability to ease the symptoms of ED. Some are culturally entrenched, while others are more of an online trend. But in the midst of this is a degree of uncertainty on the topic: not everyone is the same. Some ED treatments might work for a man in Queensland, and not others.

A supplement known as l-arginine has recently come to the fore among researchers in this field. It is the precursor to the compound nitric oxide, a vital element in creating and sustaining an erection. In a way, it functions much the same way as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, in that it stimulates blood vessels, and encourage an erection to take place.

In some cases, sufferers with ED have reported supplementing with l-arginine helps them considerably, especially those who are suffering from mild to moderate ED. Other studies are considerably less definitive, particularly involving those sufferers of more extreme versions of the problem. The reactions, even among similar groups, are mixed.

The benefits of this supplement tend to go beyond the purely sexual, however. By increasing blood flow in your body, you can improve your vascular health, and in turn, your athletic ability. A number of athletes use a supplement like this to improve their body’s ability to move oxygenated blood. This can encourage more physical activity – something that has a very noticeable impact upon one’s sexual health. The research continues.

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